Snowy Mountains Trout Farm – Flavours Shoalhaven


During the period when the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electricity Scheme was being constructed an engineer on the project identified that the base of the Blowering Dam was an ideal location to develop a commercial trout farm. In the 1960’s he and several other professional men commenced construction.

The Blowering Dam releases huge volumes of water during the summer months to supply water for the Murrumbidgee irrigation area. The water supply is reliable, pristine and at an ideal temperature for the production of trout.


Rod Smith and his family have been the owners of the farm since the early 1990’s and have implemented significant improvements to the farm to conform to NSW Food Authority Regulations. They recently acquired land in the same area for the purpose of constructing a modern facility. Construction is now completed and the current output of 4 tonne per week will be easily surpassed.

Rod Smith and his family pride themselves on producing a quality product for the consumer.


Naturally wood smoked 

Antibiotic Free

Available as:

Whole Trout Approx. 250-400g

Fillets Approx. 100-200g