Simply Stirred 



Roasted Garlic Aioli 240g
A classic mayonnaise. Rich and creamy with a hint of garlic. Delicious with seafood and wonderful to dip hot chips into.

Lime, Chilli & Coriander Mayonnaise 240g
Delicious as a spread for a chicken sandwich or simply atop a light summer salad.

Lemon and Dill Mayonnaise 240g
The classic accompaniment to any seafood, fish burger, fish cakes. Mix with tinned red salmon and spread on a sandwich.


Spicy Tomato Relish 280g
Add to a variety of cold meat sandwiches or to a hamburger or cooked steak. Cheese platters will come to life with the colour and flavour this relish will provide. Combine with sour cream as a quick and easy to prepare dip. Also great on a pizza base or stir through fresh pasta.

Beetroot & Pear Chutney 270g
Great addition to a salad or cheese plate with the
perfect flavour balance between beetroot and pear. The vibrant colour will add impact to any dish. Also an accompaniment to a classic hamburger or pork fillet.


Mandarin & Mint 250ml
Indulge in the subtle and exotic flavours of mandarin, mint and chilli combined in this delightfully fresh and lively salad dressing. Simply drizzle over fresh salad greens or stir fry vegetables. For a finishing flavour, pour over cooked prawns, shellfish, pork, duck or fried rice.

Sweet Chilli, Lime & Coriander 250ml
Experience the delights of three sublime flavours blended to perfection to create a light and tasty dressing. Add a new dimension to any green salad by simply drizzling over the top. Delicious with prawns, tuna and salmon or simply drizzle into a jacket potato and add sour cream for a quick snack.

Vietnamese Mint & Coconut 250ml
One of our most popular recipes. A sublime mixture of fresh Vietnamese mint, coriander, basil, ginger and coconut. Ideal as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, seafood or as a salad dressing for a warm or cold salad.

Mango, Chilli & Coriander 250ml & 2L
The luscious flavour of summer mango combined with a hint of chilli and coriander combines to make this the perfect dressing for any salad. Just drizzle over the top of your favourite combination of greens or for something tantalising, try it with a prawn, mango and rocket salad. Simply superb as a dipping sauce for salt and pepper squid or barbecued chicken kebabs.

Preserved Lemon & Tahini 250ml
Excite your salads with this fresh blend of flavours – tangy lemon combines with sesame tahini to create a fresh and bitey explosion of taste. Use as a dipping sauce for Asian spring rolls, rice paper rolls or drizzle over fresh or cooked seafood.

Caramelised Balsamics

Caramelised Balsamic 250ml & 1L
A must in every kitchen—this rich, sweet dressing adds an extra dimension to your meals. A good all round salad dressing. Try as a drizzle for fresh strawberries or a flavour boost to any sauce or gravy.

Caramelised Balsamic with Pepper 250ml
A slightly caramelised taste explosion with a hint of black pepper. Great with any grilled meats and roasted or BBQ vegetables.

Caramelised Balsamic Raspberry & Vanilla 250ml
Treat yourself to the decadence of our most divine dressing. A sensational new dimension is added to caramelised balsamic with fresh raspberries and aromatic vanilla. Sublime as a dipping sauce for breads, drizzled over any green salad or fresh fruit. Simply delicious with grilled haloumi cheese on a warm roasted vegetable and lamb salad.

Caramelised Balsamic with Pomegranate 250ml & 1L
Treat yourself to a sensational new dimension of flavoured Caramelised Balsamic dressing. Great as a dipping sauce for breads, drizzled over
any green salad or with roasted vegetables.

Caramelised White Balsamic with Lime 250ml & 1L
Savour the soft, gentle flavour of white balsamic vinegar caramelised into a rich, slightly sweet dressing. The burst of lime makes it simply perfect as a fresh and lively salad dressing or as a drizzle over asian greens. Perfect for seafood, try it as a dipping sauce for fresh or crumbed seafood or as a finishing touch on grilled fish.

Caramelised White Balsamic with Passionfruit & Chilli 250ml
Savour the soft, gentle flavour of white balsamic vinegar caramelised into a rich, sweet dressing. The addition of chilli and passionfruit makes it perfect as a fresh and lively salad dressing or as a drizzle over greens. Great for seafood, try it as a dipping sauce or as a finishing touch on
grilled seafood.

Caramelised Soy with Ginger 250ml
Experience the versatility of this tasty sauce that can be used for dipping, glazing or drizzling. Fantastic with salmon, chicken, prawns, fish and pork. Try drizzling this favourite over Asian greens and rice, fish cakes, roasted beetroot or tofu. A simply wonderful accompaniment to any Asian finger foods or noodle dishes.

Caramelised Red Wine Vinegar with Plum & Star Anise 250ml
A sensational new flavour for salads and as a dipping sauce for rice paper rolls and other Asian foods, especially those using pork as a key ingredient. Great dressing for roast vegetable salads.

Japanese Sushi Dressing 250ml
The perfect accompaniment to sushi rolls and fresh
sashimi. This dressing magically blends caramelised soy sauce with mirin, wasabi and flakes of nori to create a single dressing for all Japanese seafood, rolls and sushi. The touch of wasabi gives a gentle tang to the soy base.


Roasted Chilli & Sesame Marinade 250ml
Marinate any type of meat in this full-flavoured Asian style marinade. Equally as tasty with tofu and delicious as a dipping sauce for sushi.

Lemongrass, Lime & Chilli Marinade 250ml
Capture the exotic flavours of Asia with this delightful blend of limes, lemongrass and a hint of chilli. A sensationally refreshing marinade with fish, chicken or seafood. Try marinating swordfish fillets then cooking on the barbecue, or simply marinate chicken before adding to a stir fry of fresh vegetables on a bed of rice.

Soy, Chilli & Lime Marinade 250ml
Enhance the flavour of any dish with this versatile marinade. Simply marinate your favourite cut of steak, chicken or pork for a minimum of 30 minutes then sear on the BBQ plate. Also great as a base for a stir fry or as a dipping sauce

Sweet Ginger & Sesame Marinade 250ml
Savour the unique sweet and spicy flavour of this marinade and dipping sauce. A simply delightful flavour blend for chicken and fish. Try marinating and glazing chicken wings for a quick savoury dish or simply use as a dipping sauce for calamari and prawns.

Peanut & Lime Marinade 250ml
Add a touch of Asia to any meal with this versatile marinade. Simply marinate your favourite meat or vegetables for a minimum of 30mins and then cook on BBQ or grill. Also, great for a base with a stir fry or as a dipping sauce or poor over cooked meats or vegetables to get that peanut flavour.