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Beetroot & Almond Pesto (250g)

Complete your grilled cheese with a layer of this wildly different pesto, intermingle with sour cream for an instant dip or an accompaniment to a cheese platter. Garnish a beef burger or, dollop on grilled haloumi for a gourmet treat.

Sundried Tomato & Macadamia Pesto (250g)

Perfect on a pizza base, or to tart-up a quiche filling, this pesto adds a punch of flavour to almost anything! Stuff a chicken fillet with pesto and bocconcini and bake or grill for a delicious main course. Alternatively, spread on a foccacia and top with chicken and salad greens.

Basil & Macadamia Pesto (250g)

The ultimate pesto to stir through a fresh fettuccine or blend with a tomato soup. Toss it with a mix of Mediterranean vegetables, enhance your pasta or rice salad by stirring through, or smear on sliced ciabatta and top with fresh tomato, herbs and cheese for a flavoursome bruschetta.

Roast Capsicum & Chilli Pesto (250g)

Invigorate a simple cheese platter with a dish of this pesto, mix it with mayonnaise, or serve it over roasted eggplant or zucchini, Add to any spaghetti sauce to intensify the flavour.

Parsley Lemon & Almond Pesto (250g)

Encrust a grilled fish fillet for instant flavour, enliven your scrambled eggs, smear on a salmon steak before searing, tart-up a quiche filling by adding this lively pesto to the mix, or blend with butter to make herb butter.

Rocket & Pistachio Pesto (250g)

Season your favourite stuffing with this nutty, peppery pesto. Try it with scrambled eggs, blend with butter to make herb butter for warm crusty bread, or accompany a fresh fettuccine.

Pasta Sauces

Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta Sauce (450g)

A chunky ragout style sauce of artichoke, onion, leeks, carrots, and celery carefully blended with tomatoes and a good serving of herbs. Perfect with penne or rigatoni tube pasta or exciting little farfalle bows, this sauce will find its way around and inside the pasta to provide a perfect mouthful

Roast Capsicum & Kalamata Olive Pasta Sauce (450g)

The quintessential pasta sauce. Sweet roasted capsicum and succulent olives conjure up the flavours of Tuscany. Add to a Bolognese sauce, drizzle over a meatloaf or just serve with tagliatelle, linguine or fettucine.

Roasted Garlic & Shiraz Pasta Sauce (450g)

Enjoy your red wine in your sauce! Just brimming over with tomatoes and a good splash (12%) of Shiraz. Easy on the palate, this sauce is full-bodied and goes well with Italian meatballs, chicken parmiagana, or an Italian stew.

Braised Tomato & Truffle Pasta Sauce (450g)

A delicious blend of tomato and mushrooms that is as much at home poured over pasta as it is in a beef stroganoff. Use as a sauce over lamb chops, cutlets or a steak or use as a base on a vegetarian pizza.