Disaster Bay Chillies is based in Eden on the far South Coast of New South Wales. Stuart Meagher began growing  chillies in 1999 to produce what he believed is the world’s first commercially available wine made from chillies. He used a recipe from a mate, known as Old Didler, as a starting point. Then, after much experimentation – and a little luck – he struck upon a workable method to produce the wine.

The wine first went on sale at the 3rd National Chilli Festival in 2000, where it created immediate interest, winning the award for the Best New Product at the festival. By concentrating on quality rather than quantity and with a philosophy of “if it’s not right it’s wrong” Disaster Bay Chillies have picked up a string of awards nationally and internationally including awards in London and New Mexico.

Stuart is continually striving to improve on their success around the world. The awards the company has received over the last few years have created keen interest from a number of countries which enabled them to start looking at the prospect of small exclusive export deals. Disaster Bay Chillies are now proudly featuring their products in stores in the UK. China and Japan.

Disaster Bay Products

Aromatic and richly concentrated, this zesty chutney will add a touch of India to everything you cook and deliver depth and intensity to fresh salad sandwiches or piping hot pasta. Available in 325g and 2kg

A concentrated blend of hot and mild chillies in a foundation of fresh ginger, garlic and curry. A lively sauce with a wonderfully rich flavour, use it as a powerful addition to casseroles and sandwiches or smother it over steamed rice and vegetables. Available in 240g and 2kg

A distinctive sauce displaying the pungency of wood-smoked Jalapeno chillies, traditionally called Chipotles (chip-ote-lays) and smoked fresh garlic. A perfect condiment for grilled and barbequed meats, in marinades and anywhere the flavour of authentic wood smoking is required. Try it on pizza bases. Available in 240g and 2kg

Lemon Stinger Marmalade
This lively addition to the breakfast table will launch you into your day. Enjoy it with toasted sourdough and good coffee, use it as a delicious glaze on fish or poultry, as an enhancement for seafood or curry dishes. Available in 325g

Kiwi Green Jalapeno Jam
A sensational blend of fresh kiwi fruit and green jalapeno chillies backed with lime and coriander. Superb in stir fries, great on grilled lamb cutlets, pok chops and brilliant with brie. Available in 240g and 2kg

Chilli Wine Jelly
We have captured the unique flavours of our hot chilli wine in this piquant conserve. The finest vintage wine has been blended to produce a superbly flavoured jelly that is ideal as a spread on croissant, for glazing fish, roast meats and poultry and to accompany a cheese platter.Available in 325g and 1kg