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Made from 100% Australian cream, fresh from Country Valley Dairy in Picton.

The butter is cultured over a two-week period, hand churned and then shaped by Pepe Sayas team.


100% Australian salt is used for the moulding and finishing of the salted butters.

Gold and Silver medals have been awarded at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2010.

Pepe Saya have HACCP certification and a NSW Dairy licence.

The butter is top grade not just in production but also in texture, flavour and appearance.


Wrapped portions (25gm)

Salted and Unsalted

Retail (225gm)

Salted & Unsalted

Restaurant rectangular (200gm)

Salted & Unsalted

Deli round (2kg)

Salted & Unsalted

Mascarpone Cheese (300ml / 1kg)

Pepe Saya makes his Mascarpone Cheese from grass fed Jersey herd cream from Warnambool Victoria, the cream is coagulated with Tartaric Acid. Mascarpone is classified as a “Dessert Cheese” made from fresh cream and does not ripen. It was originally made only in autumn and winter in Lombardy Italy.

Crème Fraiche (300ml / 1 litre

Made from 100% Jersey cream soured with a lactic culture

Pure Ghee (250ml)

Ghee is made from unsalted butter heated to separate and remove the milk solids. It is used in traditional Indian cuisine, and for shallow-frying, roasting potatoes and pan-frying meat without burning. It has a very high smoke point, so doesn’t burn or smoke easily during pan-frying and deep-frying. It has a nutty flavour, contains vitamins A and D, and keeps for longer than butter. But it’s very high in saturated fat – 66%.