Lynwood Preserves are made with love and care the old-fashioned way, without preservatives, using produce sourced from growers who take pride in their fruit.

Before the Lynwood Café, Robbie Howard was making preserves, and before that her mother, and before that her grandmother too. Now, along with daughter Kate, Robbie continues to produce premium quality Australian jams, marmalades, chutneys and relishes.


Strawberry & Pinot Noir Jam (380g / 1.2kg)

A slight variation on the standard strawberry jam, the sweet fresh grape juice from Canberra District vineyards gives the jam a looser, more jelly-like set. Serve with toast, or in a sponge cake.

Rhubarb & Raspberry Jam (380g / 1.2kg)

Good old fashioned raspberry jam with a subtle undertone of rhubarb. Serve with toast, or in a sponge cake

Seville Orange Marmalade (330g / 1.2kg)

Seville’s make the best marmalade because of a slightly more sour fruit. Our Seville oranges are sourced from an orchard north-west of Sydney. Serve with toast

Nectarine Chutney (330g / 1kg)

Made with nectarines sourced in the height of summer from the Araluen Valley near the South Coast of New South Wales. Serve with curries, cold meats, or on a sandwich

Chilli Tomato Jam (315g / 1kg)

No more need for ketchup, this is a thick tomato sauce loaded with a rich, sweet flavour. Serve with bangers, hamburgers or breakfast eggs

Onion Marmalade (340g / 1kg)

This chutney has a background sweetness derived from the slowly cooked onions and is a favourite to serve with bangers and mash, or try it stirred through quiche with fetta

Roasted Red Pepper Relish (315g / 1kg)

A long-standing Lynwood favourite, the Red Pepper Relish was inspired by an Elizabeth David recipe. Serve on eggs sausages, toasted sandwiches and much much more.

Tomato & Mango Chutney (330g / 1kg)

A savoury accompaniment spiced up with subtle Indian flavours and a balance of sweet and savoury. Serve with curries, cold cuts of meat, or on a sandwich